Local Elections Should Be Non-Partisan

Regarding the partisan nature of county elections in Wyoming, JC Dems passed the following on second and final reading July 2, 2019:

WHEREAS hundreds, if not thousands of voters, without switching party affiliation, are unable to vote in Municipal and County partisan primary elections for their candidate of choice and,

WHEREAS partisan primaries and “party switching” creates significant increases in record keeping for election officials and,

WHEREAS “party switching” results in increases of costs and difficulties faced by state parties when attempting to accurately reach out to their members and,

WHEREAS “party switching” leads to inaccurate counts of party membership, especially in smaller jurisdictions and,

WHEREAS voters who change parties in order to vote in a local primary election are inadvertently locked into affecting a state-level primary race and,

WHEREAS many municipal elections in Wyoming are already non-partisan,

THEREFORE we hereby RESOLVE that the Wyoming elections statutes be amended to state that “all municipal and county elections in Wyoming” shall be non-partisan.