Minutes April 9, 2019

Johnson County Democratic Party County Meeting Minutes
● April 9, 2019 ●

Call to Order
Attending: Carol and Will Cox, Kathie and Bob Day, Greg Haas (Chair), Lois Petersen (Sec.), Bill McIntyre, Anna Jenkins Meeting called to order at 7:02, pledge was recited, and introductions were made.

Minutes of the March 23 JC Convention were projected and handed out in paper copy to those not having received them via email. Bill moved to accept the minutes with one small correction, Bob seconded and the minutes were approved.
Treasurer’s Report: Greg read the report in Jim Shell’s absence. After receiving $201 in donations, and reimbursing $95.57 for stamps and labels and $122.50 for post cards, the current balance is $1529.80.
Chair’s Report: Greg read the letter received from Dean Ferguson regarding news from WY State Democratic Party and also shared a sample county resolution drafted by Albany County that will be sent to the State Democrats- its purpose to get the state party to encourage Democrat legislators to draft legislation on the issue.

Old Business
Greg stated a need to meet with county officers to clarify job descriptions and set up access to online resources. Lois moved to meet after tonight’s meeting. Carol seconded. Motion was approved. Discussed regular meeting dates and times: Kathie moved to keep our regular meetings at 7 pm at Bomber Mountain, Room 108 on the second Tues of each month. Will seconded. Motion was approved. In response to a question about Wyoming Promise, Lois shared there will be a retreat April 19-20 at the Ramkota Motel in Casper to develop a strategy for going forward on the effort to limit big/dark money affecting elections. Greg and Lois are planning to attend and will provide a report at the May meeting.

New Business
Greg is working on a county resolution related to sensible gun control. He will share more on this later. Will and Bob are interested in researching how to make elected county-level positions non-partisan and may consider also drafting a county resolution on this issue.

The State Central Committee Meeting will be held on Sat., April 27 at the UW Extension Office, 2011 Fairground Road in Casper. Greg will be attending. There will be free campaign training offered through a 6-week webinar course 16 April – 23 May. Greg has more information to share with anyone interested in participating. Lois mentioned a short online video of Jennifer Lawrence talking about the need to address campaign funding issues and overturn Citizens United. She offered to show it at our next meeting. Next meeting will be on May 7 at 7pm at Bomber Mountain, Room 108.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10.
Submitted by Lois Petersen