Minutes Dec 3, 2019

JC Dems Minutes – Dec. 3, 2019
In Attendance: Greg Haas (C), Lois Petersen (S), Jim Shell (T), Bill McIntyre, Joanie Taylor, Mary VanAuken, Juanita Bybee, Anita Bybee, John O’Laughlin, Will Cox, John Strandholm , Kay McCormick, and Kathie Day

Meeting was called to order and pledge recited at 7:00 pm. Introductions were made.

Minutes of Nov. 5 meeting were approved as written.
Treasurer’s report: We currently have $2280.23 in our account.

Greg read a letter from Joe Barbuto suggesting Dems host a social event to reach out to disaffected moderate Republicans. This was discussed and Lois suggested we bring this up again for consideration after the January Social Gathering for JC Dems.

Greg showed a short video explaining run off voting. Sarah Hunt of the WY Dem Party is planning to do a training session on run off voting (the method to be used in our county caucus this year) from 2-5 pm on either Jan. 11 or 12 here in Buffalo. Kathie Day will reserve the large conference room at the library for this purpose.

Greg called for a motion to form a Primary Election/Caucus Committee whose job it would be to help organize this year’s county caucus. Kay made the motion, Jim Shell seconded. The motion passed. Bill McIntyre and Jim Shell volunteered to be on that committee and others interested should contact Greg.

Joanie made a motion to hand address the invitations to the New Year’s Gathering of Registered JC Democrats to be held on Sun., Jan. 26 at 1 pm at the JC Library. Mary seconded and the motion passed. Joanie, Mary, Kay, Anita and Juanita volunteered to do the hand addressing. Lois will obtain a current list of names and addresses. A discussion of activities and handouts for the gathering took place and Lois now has a list of suggestions.

Jim Shell made a motion to donate $100 to Sheridan College with a thank you note for allowing us use of a meeting room at no cost. Lois seconded the motion. It passed.

Lois provided basic information about Better Angels and provided information about an upcoming meeting at Sheridan Hospital’s Hospitality Room, 61 Gould, Sheridan on Dec. 9 from 6:30-8 pm.

Next meeting will be Tues, Jan. 7 at 7 pm, Room 108, Bomber Mountain Center
Meeting adjourned at 8:15.