Minutes July 02, 2019

JC Dems Minutes – July 2, 2019 **DRAFT**
In Attendance:
Greg Haas (C), Carol Cox (VC), Lois Petersen (Sec), Bob Day, Bill McIntyre, John O’Laughlin, Will Cox, Jim Shell (T)

Video – How Corporations Infiltrated the Supreme Court – was shown pre-meeting.

Meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm
Agenda for this meeting and minutes of our May 7 meeting were approved as written – Bill/Bob
Treasurer’s Report: Jim reported a current balance of $1797.80. Bank signature cards need to be updated with current officers – Jim will check into how best to get this done. Greg shared his efforts to correct donation issues within Action Network. Act Blue is now set up to facilitate donations J C Democratic Party.


An upcoming ‘Campaign Coaching’ session is being offered by the State Party. We all need to get on their email list to be sure of getting notices.
The State Party is now using MobilizeAmerica to communicate and organize event information.
Sarah Hunt has not yet replied to Greg about setting up training in Clearmont to include Dems from Sheridan, Buffalo, and Gillette. Also, she reported probably no staff will be able to help with the parade on 8/3.

Old Business:
Greg has spread sheets that show contact information for registered democrats. His data shows there was a decrease in numbers from Aug. 2018 (321 registered) to Sept. 2018 (285 reg.) He can sort these names by precinct which will help with canvassing. He also has access to Greenwood Maps from the County which provides a great deal of information pertinent during election years.
The County Elections Resolution was unanimously approved on second and final reading (Bob/Will). Will moved/Bob seconded the motion to submit the resolution at the August State Central Committee Meeting to be considered and approved at the state level. (Motion passed unanimously.)

New Business:
Having held 2 parade committee meetings, Carol reported progress is being made. Bill has agreed to the use of his trailer and truck, we have bunting and banners from last year, and the theme – Year of the Woman – is similar enough to reuse some of the costumes from last year. However, volunteers are desperately needed. They hope to have 5 women on the float and will ask several to serve in this way. Other volunteers are needed to pass out water. Greg will ask Mitch Black about helping again with bottled water. Greg offered ‘She Persisted’ as a sub-theme for this year’s float. Jim and Greg will help with setting up the float. An after-parade potluck picnic will be held in a park covered area. Carol will reserve a park shelter for that day.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00.

Next meeting is on Aug. 6, 2019 at 7 pm, Bomber Mountain Room 108.