Minutes June 4, 2019

JC Dems Minutes – June 4, 2019

In Attendance: Greg Haas (C), Carol Cox (VC), Lois Petersen (Sec), Scott Killian, Kay McCormick, Bob Day, Kathie Day (SCW), Bill McIntyre (SCM), John O’Laughlin, Will Cox

Meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm in the JC Library Conference Room

Agenda for this meeting and minutes of our May 7 meeting were approved as written.
Treasurer’s Report: Greg read Jim Shell’s report, noting the current balance is $1706.80


  • Sarah Hunt offered help from State Dems (WDP) this summer. Greg will contact her about setting up training in Clearmont to include Dems from Sheridan, Buffalo, and Gillette – and also ask for help with the parade on 8/3.
  • Nina Hebert asked County Chairs to answer “why I’m a Democrat” and send her a fun photo.
  • Joe Barbuto has asked for post cards to be sent to Rodney Knudson who suffered burns from a recent propane accident. Cards can be sent to Rodney Knudson, Room 605, Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital, 4401 Union St., Johnstown, CO 80534
  • ActBlue is now set up to facilitate donations to Johnson County Democratic Party and Greg will get that on the jcdemswyo.org website to replace ActionNetwork donation form.

Old Business:

Discussed the need for (and role of) Precinct Committee Members. Greg wants help in identifying people to serve in this role within each precinct. Each member must be a registered Democrat, and the job is to help with voter drives, canvassing, visits to other Dems in their precincts, and fundraising efforts. Greg will divide the voter rolls into precincts and bring that info back to this group.

“Prominent Women of Johnson County” is the theme for our Aug. 3 Parade. Bill McIntyre offered use of his truck and trailer again this year. Carol Cox, Scott Killian, and Bill McIntyre volunteered to be on the parade committee and will coordinate their efforts with Mike Knebel, Chamber Director. Kathy will check with Vanessa V for any parade banners, etc. Greg will get count of t-shirts and see about ordering more t-shirts in needed sizes.

County Elections Resolution – Will made a motion to hear the Election Resolution on first reading; Bill seconded. Greg read the resolution, some changes in wording were made, and the 1st reading was unanimously approved as amended to read:

  • WHEREAS hundreds, if not thousands of voters, without switching party affiliation, are unable to vote in Municipal and County partisan primary elections for their candidate of choice and
  • WHEREAS partisan primaries and “party switching” creates significant increases in record keeping for election officials and
  • WHEREAS “party switching” results in increases of costs and difficulties faced by state parties when attempting to accurately reach out to their members and,
  • WHEREAS “party switching” leads to inaccurate counts of party membership, especially in smaller jurisdictions and
  • WHEREAS voters who change parties in order to vote in a local primary election are inadvertently locked into affecting a state-level primary race and,
  • WHEREAS many municipal elections in Wyoming are already non-partisan
  • THEREFORE we hereby RESOLVE that the Wyoming elections statutes be amended to state that “all municipal and county elections in Wyoming” shall be non-partisan.

New Business:

WDP wants an increase in recurring donations to the party. While some of our group donates online, some of our members prefer to donate at meetings when the hat is passed. In two weeks Greg expects it will be possible to donate to both state and local parties directly from the JC Dems web page.

Greg read aloud a resolution he is considering submitting to WDP regarding gun safety. A lively discussion followed and the resolution will be brought back for further consideration at the July meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50.