Minutes March 23, 2019

Johnson County Democratic Party
County Convention Minutes
March 23, 2019

Call to order
Chairman McIntyre called the meeting to order at 10:10 AM. Allegiance to flag was pledged. 17 present including Chairman McIntyre, Treasurer Shell and Secretary Haas.

Reports and Announcements
Minutes from March 5th meeting were reviewed. John Tinnen moved to accept as written, Mitch Black seconded and motion carried unopposed.
Treasurer reported checking balance of $1547.87 which does not include cost of promoting this convention.
Secretary reported 17 registered as voters for this convention.

Election of County Committee Officers
Prior to any nominations, two additional registered democrats arrived and signed in.
Bill McIntyre nominated Greg Haas for Chairman. Kathie Day seconded. Haas accepted nomination. Mitch Black nominated Jim Shell for Chairman, Jim declined prior to a second. Election of Haas as Chair passed by voice vote.
Kathie Day nominated Lois Petersen for Vice Chair seat. Lois declined prior to a second. Mitch Black nominated Carol Cox for the Vice Chair seat. Lois Petersen seconded. Carol accepted the nomination and election passed by voice vote.
Will Cox nominated Jim Shell for Treasurer, Mitch Black seconded. Jim accepted nomination and election passed by voice vote.
There was another person nominated for Treasurer, I think, but it was declined. Was it Bob Day?
Kathie Day nominated Lois Petersen for Secretary seat. Mitch Black seconded. Lois accepted nomination and election passed by voice vote.
Mitch Black nominated Bill McIntyre for State Committeeman seat. Jim Shell seconded. Bill accepted the nomination and election passed by voice vote.
Will Cox nominated Kathie Day for State Committeewoman seat. John Tinnen seconded. Kathie accepted nomination and election passed by voice vote.
Results are as follows:

Chair:			Greg Haas
Vice Chair:			Carol Cox
Treasurer:			Jim Shell
Secretary:			Lois Petersen
State Committeeman:		Bill McIntyre
State Committeewoman:		Kathie Day

Old Business
There are 16 precincts in Johnson County and, since each precinct is eligible to have 2 elected committee members – one male and one female -there are 32 eligible positions in JC. Note that the Chair can also appoint people to fill these positions after the election if the position wasn’t filled through the vote. At present there are only five of these positions filled, but there were several who voiced some interest in knowing more about the requirements of these positions for the future.

New Business
A representative from WDP was expected to be at this meeting to provide an update on Wyoming Democratic Party goals and news, as well as answer questions. However, this was not to be.
Greg noted that the State Party has recently been providing more assistance to JC than was evident previously, and that this help is much appreciated. He says the state’s Facebook page is a good place to get information. Also, he recommended Nate Martin’s website (betterwyo.org) for good coverage of statewide political issues.
No report on the Nellie Tayloe Ross weekend as no one present at this meeting attended this year.
Greg’s Goals as Chair:
He has draft resolutions he may want to propose at an upcoming meeting, designed to help get issues of importance to our county (and to Democrats statewide) in front of legislators.
He noted a goal to raise $4000 before the next election – money to be used to support candidates in both state and local elections.
He reminded us that there is no one way to meet our goals, and that we should strive to support each other and a variety of efforts to move us together toward our common goals.

There being none opposed, meeting was adjourned at 11:55 AM.

Next meeting:
April 9th at 7 pm in room 108, Bomber Mountain.
Please note: meetings are regularly scheduled for the first Tues of each month.

Submitted by Lois Petersen