Minutes March 5, 2019

Johnson County Democratic Party Committee Meeting Minutes

● March 5, 2019 ●

Call to order

The chair being absent, the meeting was called to order at 7:04pm by the secretary. Pledge was promised. Treasurer Shell, Secretary Haas were among the five present.

Reports and Announcements

Treasurer: $48.00 were collected since the last report. Current checking account balance is $1513.87. No new expenditures.

Secretary: read the minutes from the January 08, 2019 meeting. No changes or additions were suggested or requested and were accepted as submitted. There was no meeting on Feb 5th and, therefore, no associated minutes to review. Secretary reported briefly on the informal conversation that took place at that time.

Chairman: Chairman McIntyre not present.

Old Business

Review of Date/Time/Objective of March 23rd, 2019 meeting to elect county party officers and state committeeman and state committeewoman. Meeting will be at 10am at the Johnson County Library in Buffalo. Group agreed to discuss and plan further following adjournment.

New Business

The group reviewed and discussed brief history of county-level activity over the past four years or so for new participant. The group discussed some possible hurdles and activities that might take place in the coming months.


There being no further business and no objection to adjourning, the secretary adjourned the meeting at 7:24pm.

Submitted by Greg Haas, Secretary