Minutes May 7, 2019

JC Dems Minutes – April 9, 2019

In Attendance: Carol Cox (VP), Jim Shell (Trea), Lois Petersen (Sec), Kay McCormick, Bob Day, Kathie Day, Bill McIntyre, Joanna Taylor, John O’Laughlin, Will Cox —- Greg Haas, excused absence

Meeting was called to order at 7pm by Carol Cox. Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Agenda for this meeting and minutes of our April 9 meeting were approved as written.
State Central Committee Meeting:

  • Bill reported Former Gov., Mike Sullivan, was a great keynote speaker.
  • Election of Officers and other positions in the state party was the top priority. List of newly elected officers and chairs is attached to these minutes*.
  • The summer meeting of the WDP will be held in Lander. The pig-roast banquet will be in South Pass City in deference to Ester Hobart Morris, the 1st woman Justice of the Peace, who was from SP City.
  • Bill noted a call for proposals from counties that would like to host the 2020 WDP State Convention- 6/6/20. After reading the criteria, there was concern Buffalo doesn’t meet the requirements for convention space, local volunteers, and accommodations, but this will be brought up again next meeting.
  • Bill also shared a notice advertising a raffle to win a weekend in Johnson County including a tour of the Hole in the Wall area of Kaycee – open to all who donate $10 month to the WDP.

Treasurer’s Report: After receiving some donations since our last meeting, we currently have $1606.80 in our account. Jim will not be able to attend our June meeting but his report will be given to Greg in advance.

Old Business:
Bob shared a draft of a resolution to make all municipal and county elections non-partisan. He asked for any additions or corrections to be sent to Greg Haas for word-smithing. Some ideas included – this would mean fewer changes of party affiliations, it would align city with county elected positions, making all local offices non-partisan. It was suggested the resolution statement be placed after all the Whereas statements.

Another resolution related to sensible gun control is being worked on by Greg. Both draft resolutions will be brought back for discussion during our June meeting. Both resolutions should be ready to submit to the WDP by Aug. 18th.

Update on WY Promise:
Lois and Greg attended the 2-day Organizational WY Promise Retreat in Casper where Ben Gubitz of American Promise praised the hard work of so many here in WY and congratulated us for coming so very close to having our resolution approved by the legislature. Much planning went into ways to move forward, with the following decisions being made:

  • Focus will be on a legislative push rather than another petition drive in the next two years
  • Article V will not be part of the resolution wording
  • A bi-partisan steering committee with working committees under them will be formed.
  • Postcards will be sent to thank all legislators who supported the WY Promise resolution.
  • The League of Women Voters will be asked to adopt a resolution of support for WY Promise, and similar resolutions of support from local governments, agencies and organizations will be sought.

Lois was unsuccessful in showing a short video – How Corporations Infiltrated the Supreme Court – but was asked to try again next month.


  • Bill proposed we think about participating again in the Rodeo Week Parade – Aug. 3. Further discussion will take place at our June meeting. Carol will call the Chamber to find out this year’s parade theme.
  • Lois shared info about an Advocacy Teams meeting to take place May 15 in Sheridan at the library.
  • Lois also shared a WYO File article about Campbell County’s Republican Party’s efforts to purify their party.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10.
— submitted by Lois Petersen

*Elected officials at WDP:

  • Joe M Barbuto, Chair of the Wyoming Democratic Party (WDP)
  • Erin O’Doherty, Vice-Chair of the WDP
  • Mandy Weaver, Secretary of the WDP
  • Kendra Cross, Treasurer of the WDP
  • Jessica Sell Chamber, WDP National Committeewoman
  • Lucas Fralick, WDP National Committeeman