Agenda August 4, 2020

Johnson County Democratic Party Meeting
August 4, 2020 at 7:00 PM
Bomber Mtn Civic Center – Wyoming Room
also: Tele-Video-Internet-Conference (see email for address)


7:00pm Call to order
7:05pm Check in, introduce, announce as needed, approve/amend agenda
7:10pm Treasurer, Secretary and Chair Announcements
Money, Minutes, National Democratic Training Committee
7:15 Old Business
GOTV, followup on letter to BLM march organizers
7:25 New Business
  • Write-ins
  • Accept motion along the lines of “…create a checklist of things to do for GOTV as follows:
    1. Postcards (register to vote, send mail in ballot, info re: polling place)
    2. Write-ins for HD 40 and SD 22
    3. Following up with voters to see if they’ve voted”
7:35 Motions from the floor
7:45 Announce upcoming meetings
Next Monthly Meeting: September 1, 2020
7:50 Adjourn