Minutes Convention May 19, 2020

Minutes – JC Dems County Convention – 6pm, Tues., May 19, 2020 via Zoom
In Attendance: Greg Haas (C), Lois Petersen (S), Bill McIntyre (SCM), Mary VanAuken, Jim Shell (T), Mitch Black, Suzi Black, Dudley Case, Mikel Carmon, Bill McIntyre, and Fawna Hunt (WDP tech assistant).

Meeting was called to order at 6:03 pm.

Meeting goals:
Elect delegates to the WY State Delegation
Adopt our county platform
Determine any resolutions to be added from the floor

Greg thanked WDP staff members Sarah Hunt, Fawna Hunt, Erin O’Doherty as well as Ben Rowland for their support in a variety of ways.

Dudley Case (chair of ballot and convention committee) reported there were 8 qualified JC Democrats present and participating in this evening’s convention.

JC is allowed 5 delegates to the state convention – and those could be full or half delegates. Lois made a motion to send 5 whole delegates rather than 10 half delegates. Dudley 2nd. Motion passed unanimously.

Delegates were elected: (number of delegates per candidate determined by votes received.)
4 delegates for Joe Biden – Bill McIntyre, Jim Shell, Dudley Case and Greg Haas. Motion to approve these delegates – Dudley, 2nd by Mary
1 alternate delegate for Joe Biden – Mitch Black – Motion to approve – Dudley, 2nd by Suzi
1 delegate for Bernie Sanders – Mikel Carmon – Motion to approve – Lois, 2nd by Bill

Greg presented the current JC platform and allowed discussion on 3 recommended changes and 2 additions to the existing platform. Mitch made a motion to accept the recommended changes and additions, Dudley 2nd and the motion passed unanimously.

Greg presented an opportunity to propose amendments to the platform, allowing 1 minute to comment on proposed amendments. No amendments were presented or discussed.

Greg presented an opportunity to propose resolutions. None were shared earlier with the committee and none were proposed from the floor.

State convention will be on Sat., June 6 via Zoom- agenda will be sent to county chairs and delegates.

Next meeting of the JC Dems will be on Tues., June 2nd, 7 pm via Jitsi or Zoom

Adjourned at 7:30 pm