Agenda February 2, 2021

Johnson County Democratic Party Meeting
February, 2 2021 at 7:00 PM
Bomber Mtn Civic Center – Room 108
via, find link in email


7:00pm Call to order
7:05pm Pledge, Check in, introduce, announce as needed, approve/amend agenda
7:08pm Special Business
Zoom upgrade account/expense – Accept motion from the floor to pay for month to month zoom account.
7:15pm Treasurer, Secretary and Chair Announcements
Minutes, money, etc.
Trainings: WyoDems, NDTC, ESPC
7:20 Old Business
Precinct Questions
Precinct Highlights
Guest speakers for meetings this year (Speaker club?)
Local candidates
7:40 New Business
County Convention:

  • Bylaws – Share those paragraphs pertinent to the County Convention
  • Chair will accept motions from the floor to decide time, date and location/method of County Convention.
7:55 Announce upcoming meetings
Next Monthly Meeting: March 2, 2021
8:15 Adjourn