Minutes April 6, 2021

Johnson County Democratic Party
Business Meeting
April 6, 2021

Meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm by Greg Haas, Chair.

Attendance in person: Greg Haas, Dudley Case, Sharon Case, Lois Petersen, Jim Shell
Attendance online: Trudy Wolf, Bill McIntryre, Vikki Chenette, Mitch Black, Rachel Wear, Mary Van Auken

Greg lead group in Pledge of Allegiance.

Greg asked if Agenda needed to be amended. It did not need to be amended.

Treasurer’s Report – Jim Shell for Suzi Black

As of the March 2 meeting there was $1,669.59 in the bank account. In March $73.00 in donations were received. As of April 6, there is $1,742.59 in the bank account.

Greg Haas mentioned that he has $100 from anonymous cash donors that hasn’t been deposited yet.

Secretary’s Report – Dudley Case

The minutes for the March 20, 2021 Election of Officers and Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen were approved.

Minutes for the March 2, 2021 Business Meeting were approved.

Chair Announcements –

Greg Haas stated that he has become a Notary Public, which might come in handy if we pursue voter registration drives as a public service.

Old Business –

Elections – Greg Haas

At the March 20 meeting the JC Democratic Party elected the following officers:

Chair – Greg Haas
Vice Chair – Mary Van Auken
Secretary – Dudley Case
Treasurer – Suzi Black
State Committeeman – Bill McIntyre
State Committeewoman – Lois Petersen

Also, at this meeting the following people were elected for precinct committeeman and committeewoman for their respective precincts:

Precinct 3-1 – Lois Petersen
Precinct 3-2 – Mitch and Suzi Black
Precinct 3-6 – Greg Haas and Mary Van Auken
Precinct 4-7 – Dudley Case and Vikki Chenette
Precinct 6-10 – Bill McIntyre
Precinct 10-15 – Linda Wilson

Party Luncheons – Bill McIntyre

The March luncheon was held at the Bozeman Trail Steakhouse in Buffalo on March 24 at noon and ten members attended the luncheon. Jim Shell and Bill McIntyre both brought topics to discuss.

The April luncheon will be held at the Par & Grill at the Buffalo Golf Course on Wednesday, April 21 at noon. Bill asked that members bring a topic to discuss.

Jim Shell offered to host a get together during the summer.

Precinct Highlights – Dudley Case

Thirty-six members were called in Precinct 4-8. Six of the phone numbers were incorrect on the list. Dudley talked to eight members and left voice messages for eighteen members. Four members had no answering machines.

One member told Dudley that Cloud Peak Drive needs repair work because the sides of the road are collapsing. Another member said Hemlock Street needs to be paved because of the amount of dust being kicked up by truck traffic.

One member would like to have an environmental activist for a speaker at one of the party meetings.

Several members said they don’t live in Wyoming in the winter so they would be unable to attend winter meetings. Several members volunteered their email addresses.

Greg Haas asked that members volunteer to call precinct members in their precinct.

New Business –

Greg suggested that we go to quarterly business meetings and that the other two meetings each quarter be more informal. Such meetings might be devoted to reviewing books and movies or having a guest speaker at each meeting.

Lois Petersen made a motion to schedule quarterly business meetings and get guest speakers for the other two meetings each quarter, and that the May meeting be a business meeting and that we get guest speakers for the June and July meetings. Dudley Case seconded the motion. After some discussion about when to start having guest speakers because of the COVID pandemic, the motion was passed.

Greg Haas said that the WDP has training for writing letters-to-the-editor. If you are interested contact Greg.

Announcements from the Floor:

Lois Petersen said she had spoken with a member of the Sheridan Democratic Party (Kris) about possibly having a joint rock and roll band concert and/or dance with them on Saturday June 26 at a local hall. The general consensus was that Lois should follow up with the Sheridan party and get some more information about the location, food, costs, etc.

Dudley stated that the signature paperwork for the party’s bank account is ready to be signed by Greg Haas and Suzi Black. Dudley has already signed the paperwork.

Next Business Meeting –

Tuesday, May 4 at 7:00 pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:56 pm.