Minutes March 20, 2021 – Elections

Johnson County Democratic Party
March 20, 2021
County Officer Elections

Called to order at 10:24am.

In attendance: Greg Haas, Lois Petersen, Jim Shell, Bill McIntyre, Mary VanAuken, Mitch Black, Suzie Black, Dudley Case, Tara McClatchey, Mike McClatchey, Linda Wilson, Trudy Wolfe, and Vikki Chenette.

Lois shared facts related to the 2020 election for WY Dems to be proud of.

  • 1st time we have a blue county in WY: Teton County
  • Teton County now has more D’s than R’s as registered voters.
  • 16 Dem women ran for state house or senate
  • 6000+ new registered dems in WY
  • More Dems ran than ever before
  • 31% increase in voters in 2 years
  • 73,445 WY voters voted for Biden
  • 13 Dems were elected to town/county positions
  • 21 dems were elected to school boards
  • Albany County tipped very light blue for the Presidential election.

Guest, Johnson County Clerk Vicki Edelman, addressed the group regarding the voting process here in Johnson County and thanked all of the county workers and poll judges who made election integrity their number one priority. She noted that the Johnson County Republicans adopted a resolution regarding election integrity that apparently suggested a hint of fraud within this state and country. Several attendees spoke up, having been poll workers and judges, to compliment Vicki and the process in place here in Johnson County that assures a fair election in this community.

Election of Officers
Nominations, seconds and votes were taken to elect the Johnson County Democratic Party Officers. All were elected for two-year terms. The results are as follows:

Chair: Greg Haas
Vice Chair: Mary Van Auken
Secretary: Dudley Case
Treasurer: Suzi Black
State Committeeman: Bill McIntyre
State Committeewoman: Lois Petersen

Further Announcements:
Bill McIntyre announced and invited everyone to an informal Luncheon Forum at noon on Wed., March 24, at the Bozeman Trail Steakhouse – a social event for JC Dems to come together, meet each other, and talk about issues they may have in common. Each person will buy their own lunch off the full menu. Please come and, to help know how many to plan for, please contact Bill McIntyre at 307-267-0775 to reserve a seat.

The next regular meeting of the JC Dems will be on Tues., April 6th at 7 pm. All are encouraged to attend.

Meeting adjourned at 11:33