Minutes August 2, 2022

Johnson County Democratic Party
August 2, 2022 7:00PM
Bomber Mtn Civic Center, Rm 108

Call to Order:

Greg Haas called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.


Greg Haas, Suzi Black, Dudley Case, Sharon Case, Linda Wilson, Lois Petersen, Lynn Gordon, Mary Van Auken, Vikki Chenette, Jim Shell

Secretary Report:

Lois Petersen moved to approve the July 5, 20022 minutes. Mary Van Auken seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Treasurer Report:

Suzi Black reported the balances of the general account and the Scholarship account.

Greg is asking for reimbursement for one-half of his expenses for attending the Democratic State Central Committee meeting.  Lois Petersen made a motion to reimburse Greg Haas for one-half of his expenses. Linda Wilson seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Chair Announcements

  1. Greg Haas sent out invitations to all WDP leadership (officers and precinct committeemen and women) asking them to start using Slack when sending out information.  Slack is a grass roots way to organize.  He is asking that information about the Democratic Tri County Event on Labor Day be sent out using Slack.
  2. Greg next talked about Rep’d, which is a website where visitors can ask questions and video answers are provided to popular questions.  The website is:  https://repd.us/wyoming
  3. Greg also mentioned that the texting program available to the WDP coordinated campaign candidates started today.
  4. Linda Wilson handed out a sheet entitled Wyoming Democratic Party Platform – Talking Points 2022.  This sheet can be used as a guide on issues when talking to Democratic precinct members.  The five talking point areas are: Fairness & Equality, Good Government Practices, Fair Voting and Accurate Elections, Quality Healthcare, and Quality Education.

Committee Announcements:
Scholarship Committee – Dudley Case
The scholarship committee met last Friday, reviewed and made some changes to the Press Release which will be given to the Buffalo Bulletin and Mini. The committee also reviewed and made some changes to Information and Guidelines for School Counselors sheet, which will be used as a cover sheet for the Scholarship Application being given to the counselors. Finally, the committee reviewed and made some changes to the scholarship documents (Application, Scholarship Committee Guidelines and Rules, Roster of Scholarship Committee Members for School Year ending 2022, and Donation Form). Dudley reviewed these changes with the group and asked for a motion to approve these changes. Vikki Chenette moved to approve all the changes and Mary Van Auken seconded the motion. Motion passed.

It was mentioned that Kaycee H.S. does not yet have counselors for the 2022-23 school year.

Greg Haas had to leave the meeting to get to Riverton for a WDP event, and he turned over the running of the meeting to the Vice Chair, Mary Van Auken.

Old Business:

Tri-County Democratic Labor Day Picnic – September 5 – Lois Petersen

This event will include Democrats, family and friends from Johnson, Sheridan and Campbell Counties and will be held at the Cowboy Carousel in Buffalo from Noon to 3 pm. Donations of $10 per meal are being asked. The cost of the venue was shared.  Attendees are being asked to bring a salad or side dish. The meal will be a picnic buffet lunch and drinks. Democratic educational material will be available on tables.

An auction or raffle will be held so Lois is requesting that people donate items for this event. Lois would like to see any monies collected in excess of the event expenses donated to the JCDems William D. McIntyre Memorial Scholarship.

Volunteers are needed for set up, decorating, cleaning tables and chairs, kitchen duties, and clean up. Lois passed around a volunteer sign-up sheet. Plates and silverware (non-paper, eco-friendly) are also needed.

There will be activities and games for adults and children.  And there will also be voter registration. There will be no cash bar and probably no movies. There will be a JC Dems P.A. system available. And there may also be music if a few volunteers can be rounded up.

Suzi Black made a motion to approve $400 to be spent on this Tri County Democratic Labor Day Picnic. Linda Wilson seconded the motion. Motion passed.

New Business:

  1. Johnson County VAN Precinct Lists – Dudley Case

    Yesterday Dudley ran the VAN Democratic voter lists for all 16 precincts in Johnson County. There are 324 registered Democrats in the County, 201 in the incorporated precincts and 123 in the unincorporated precincts. Suzi Black, Lois Petersen, Vikki Chenette, Jim Shell, Linda Wilson, and Mary Van Auken volunteered to take their precinct’s list and call members about the Labor Day event. Dudley gave the remaining precinct lists to Lois to be used in connection with the Tri County Labor Day Picnic.

  2. JC Dems t-shirts – Vikki Chenette

    Vikki suggested that we may need to purchase 15 small, 15 medium, 15 large, 14 x-large and 2 2x-large t-shirts. Suzi Black suggested taking orders at the Tri County Labor Day Picnic for t-shirts if we run out of t-shirts. Everyone thought this was a good idea.



Next Meeting:

Suzi Black moved to skip the September meeting. Lois Petersen seconded the motion. Motion passed.


Mary Van Auken adjourned the meeting at 8:30 pm.