Minutes February 1, 2022

Johnson County Democratic Party
Business Meeting
February 1, 2021

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Greg Haas, Chair.

Attendance in person: Greg Haas, Jim Shell, Lois Petersen, Suzi Black, Mitch Black, Sharon Case, Dudley Case

Treasurer’s Report:

Suzi Black reported the balance in the bank account, that there is a check from Act Blue that has not been deposited yet. Also, the amount remaining from donations that were received for Bill McIntyre’s funeral flowers.

Greg Haas said he will ask Dixie if she needs help with any of the funeral expenses.

Old and New Business:

Electioneering/Campaigning – Greg Haas said the Wyoming Democratic Party has set up three training sessions for potential candidates: February 2 at 7:00 pm, March 10 at 11:30 am, and April 6 at 7:00 pm.

Wyoming Democratic Legislative Watch Committee – Greg Haas stated that the Wyoming Democratic Party is setting up its annual Legislative Watch Committee. The committee tracks bills during the legislative session and works with the Wyoming Democratic Party staff to create Action Alerts, mobilize activist, and help hold our legislators accountable. The committee is looking for volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, please contact the Wyoming Democratic Party. The deadline for volunteering is February 10.

Redistricting – The Wyoming Democratic Party is looking for volunteers to write letters to the editor about the Wyoming Legislature’s redistricting plans. Please contact the Wyoming Democratic Party if you are interested in volunteering.

JC Dems Platform/Position Paper – At the December 7 meeting the six priority issues that were identified in the platform were: vaccines, women’s health, gun rights, voting rights, racism and climate change. Greg Haas volunteered to pull out those sections of the platform which best apply to these issues and to put together an outline of the topics to cover under each of these issues when we talk to JC Dems members.

Chamber of Commerce – Lois Petersen said she is interested in the JC Dems joining the Chamber of Commerce so that the party can get some free advertising thru the chamber. The Republican Party is already a member of the chamber. Jim Shell made a motion for the party to investigate joining the Chamber of Commerce, including what the annual membership fee is. Suzi Black seconded the motion. After some discussion the motion passed unanimously.

William D. McIntyre Memorial Scholarship:

Greg Haas presented to the members the four documents that he and the scholarship committee created in connection with this scholarship, namely, the Scholarship Application, Committee Guidelines and Rules, Roster of Scholarship Committee Members, and Donation Form.

Greg then reviewed each form and asked for the members comments and input on each form.

The group decided that for now no logo and/or photo of Bill McIntyre would be put on the forms. Also, that the application and supporting documents and any donation checks would be mailed to the William D. McIntyre Memorial Scholarship rather than to the Johnson County Democratic Party but using the party’s P.O. Box. Greg said he will make the necessary changes on all the documents.

It was also decided that the giant reusable check to be presented to scholarship winners would have the title William D. McIntyre Memorial Scholarship.

Dudley Case made a motion to approve the scholarship documents as presented by Greg Haas with the changes agreed to at the meeting. Motion was seconded by Suzi Black. Motion was passed unanimously.

Announcements from the Floor:

Lois Petersen announced that there will be a seminar entitled Investing in Solar Energy for your home, farm and business sponsored by the Sheridan County Democrats and the Wyoming Solar Energy Association on Wednesday, February 16 at 7:00 pm.
Lois Petersen announced that there will be a Zoom presentation entitled America at a Crossroads presented by Jonathan Greenblatt with Madeleine Brand on Wednesday, February 2 at 5:00 pm. This presentation is being sponsored by Jews United for Democracy and Justice. Jonathan Greenblatt is the author of the book “It Could Happen Here – Why America is Tipping from Hate to the Unthinkable and How We Can Stop It”. The book can be ordered on Amazon and other booksellers. You may sign up for the presentation at the sponsor’s website: http://jewsunitedfordemocracy.org.