Minutes November 2, 2022

Johnson County Democratic Party Meeting
November 2, 2022
Bomber Mountain Civic Center, Room 108

Call to Order:
Greg Haas called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Greg Haas, Suzi Black, Mitch Black, Vikki Chenette, Dudley Case, Sharon Case, Lois Petersen, Casey Meyers, Mary Van Auken

Secretary Report:
No changes to the minutes were suggested and the minutes were approved.

Treasurer Report:

  • Suzi reported the total amounts in the JC Dems’ general account and in the scholarship account.
  • The monies appropriated for the various political campaigns at the October meeting have been sent out to the campaigns.
  • Vikki announced that she has received two more donations for quilt raffle in the amounts of $60 and $20, which she gave to the Suzi at this meeting.

Chair Announcements:
JC Dems is required to submit financial reports to the Secretary of State three times a year, and donations to the scholarship fund are considered donations to the JC Dems since the scholarship fund is not part of a separate organization.
JC Dems has received thank you cards from Martha Wright, Kim Bartlett and Hank Szramkowski for our donations to their campaigns.
There will be an ad in this week’s Buffalo Bulletin for Lynnette Greybull’s campaign.

It was decided not to send out campaign postcards due to the election date being next week. Postcards might not arrive in the mail until after the election was over.

The Wyoming Democratic Party (WDP) is making a big effort to get out the vote (GOTV) and canvass before the election.  As a result of this effort it was discovered that there were a lot of wrong addresses and phone numbers in the voter lists, so this is being corrected.

WDP has a texting system which costs $95 to join and Greg paid this cost and is setting up this system for the JC Dems.  Greg offered to train anyone who wants to help out with texting voters.

Minivan and phone banking are also available to help reach voters.

The WDP has voter outreach to three Wyoming counties which have no Democratic leadership.

The Greybull and Labeau campaigns are renting vans to pick up and drive voters on the Wind River Reservation to the polls.

The WDP is also starting to work on the Spring Democratic state and county elections.

Old Business:
Mary will send out thank you cards to the people who have donated to the scholarship fund.

Greg said we need to follow up with the people who attended the September 5 picnic and encourage them to buy a quilt raffle ticket for the scholarship fund if they haven’t done so already.

Lois will send Greg a list of picnic attendees so we can contact those who did not attend the picnic. Vikki, Lois and Greg will work on creating a script that can be used when contacting these members.

New Business:

  1. GOTV will use phone banking. Greg joined Martha Wright when she was canvassing for her election. Suzi is calling members of her precinct.
  2. Greg is setting up two texting training sessions for the WDP.
  3. Greg asked if anyone wanted to be a poll watcher at next Tuesday’s election. Each party trains its poll watchers.
  4. Adopt-a-Highway – Lois
    Lois suggested that JC Dems adopt-a-highway. This program requires trash to be picked up along a two mile stretch of highway for two years twice each year. WYDOT would also put up a Johnson County Democratic Party sign along this stretch of highway.
    Greg made a motion for the JC Dems to adopt-a-highway. Vikki seconded the motion. Motion passed.
    Lois will follow up with the Sheridan County Democratic Party to see how they set up their stretch of highway with WYDOT.
  5. The Buffalo Pathfinders will hold a 5K walk on November 25 starting at 8 am at the Super 8.
  6. Margo’s Pottery & Fine Crafts is having music on Friday nights.
  7. The hospital is having an open house on November 16 from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm.
  8. The Steel Drum Band has practices on Tuesday nights at 6:30 pm in the Congregational Church.
  9. Powder River Basin Resource Council’s Annual Meeting is on Saturday, November 5 at 2:00 pm in the Ramada Inn in Sheridan.
  10. Greg suggested creating a JC Dems quarterly newsletter that would cost $500.

Next Meeting:
Tuesday, December 6 at 7:00 pm in Room 108 of the Bomber Mountain Civic Center. Greg asked members to think about whether or not they wanted to change the day and time of monthly meetings.

Greg adjourned the meeting at 8:20 pm.