Open Letter to Lummis from WyoDems

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An open letter to Senator Lummis

Feb 15, 2022

Senator Lummis, when you ran for office, you promised to fight for the people of Wyoming. You said you were one of us: a gritty, hardworking, roll-up-your-sleeves and get the work done kind of person. You said you would bring Wyoming values to Washington.

So you can imagine our surprise when you simply didn’t show up to work today.

When did not working become a Wyoming value?

There are days when we’ve all wished we didn’t have to go to work; we’ve all looked at what needed to be done and wanted to throw up our hands and walk away. But normal people have bills to pay, have jobs to keep, have responsibilities and decency and values.

Wyomingites are facing a lot right now, and need someone fighting for us. President Biden and congressional Democrats are working hard to address things like inflation, and key to that is having a full and confirmed Federal Reserve Board. Yet on the very day that was set to happen, you were MIA.

Economists agree the nominees are qualified; they are experienced and leaders in their fields. You’ve decided that’s not good enough for you, even though you’re not an economist.

Instead of showing up to fight for what you believe in – instead of working to find a solution – you decided to leave Wyoming behind and pull a stunt. It’s one thing to disagree; it’s another to simply refuse to do your job.

In any other career, you would have been fired. Your campaign slogan has been, “All Wyoming, all the time.”

Frankly, you’re looking and behaving a lot more like DC nowadays.