Dr. Mike and Young Dems

I received the following in an email yesterday. I think it is worth sharing!

Michael Moore created a podcast in his Rumble series in which he reassures ‘Liberals’ that the bleak news about Biden’s polling numbers is not to be trusted. You might want to listen to it. Here is the link to the podcast:


In it he highlights the role that young voters will play in upcoming elections. 

I listened to a webinar organized by the Rural Youth Voter Fund, that was created in 2022 by the Rural Democracy Initiative and launched in 2023. “Rural young people are among the most persuadable and least contacted voters of any demographic group, and young rural voters of color lean strongly towards progressive candidates and issues”, this group wrote, and “activating” such voters could “be the difference in many close elections.” 

Are you at all familiar with their work? Are they in your community, in your State? They are non-partisan but are there Democratic youth in your community who’d like to get involved in civic engagement work?

Democratic Political Activist