Minutes May 2, 2023

Johnson County Democratic Party Meeting
May 2, 2023
Call to Order:
Greg Haas called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.
There were no additions to the agenda.
Dudley Case, Sharon Case, Lois Petersen, Lorajane Kessler, Vikki Chenette, and Greg Haas.
Secretary Report:
The Minutes of April 4th were accepted as published on the website.
Treasurer Report:
Dudley reported income and expenses for both general and scholarship accounts, and informed us about current earnings for certificates of deposits at local banks. Lois moved with Dudley seconding that $1,000. be transferred from the scholarship account to a CD earning 4% interest for one year at First Northern Bank. The motion carred by unanimous vote. Chair Announcements:
Greg reported on a press release issued by the state party chair, upcoming release of a new WDP logo, the Comms Call at 7pm tonight, and
May 10th 6pm Roundtable State Central Committee Zoom Meeting.
Old Business:
Two William d. McIntyre Memorial Scholarship awards of $500.00 each will be awarded to Karcee Maya of Kaycee H.S. and Karina Mysse of Buffalo H.S. A third student was selected as runner-up should either student change their stated educational plans. Twelve students applied for the scholarship this first year. Nancy Mayer’s ticket stub was drawn to win the raffle quilt on April 29th at the Kaycee Library. Dixie McIntyre will be invited to join the scholarship committee as an honorary member. The Chair thanked the committee members Dudley, Vikki, Lois, and Lorajane for their outstanding work establishing, fundraising, promoting, and conducting the scholarship awards.
Lois reported ongoing plans for the 3rd annual County/Johnson County Potluck Gathering, themed “HERE for GOOD” to be held Saturday, June 17th at Kearney Community Hall, with both counties represented on the planning committee. Many food, beverage, and decoration donations have been made already. She attended a recent event at the hall and heard their good new sound system. Focus is on getting the word out to all party members, independents, friends, and family and soliciting silent and live auction items highlighting baked goods, services, and unusual items. Lois made a motion that up to $400.00 be available for printed material expenses, Dudley seconded it and the motion passed.
Our Adopt-a-Highway clean up date, weather-permitting, is Sunday, May 14th from 2:00-4:00 p.m. Lois will send out more information.
Friends Feeding Friends, no report.
New Business:
Greg has been hosting our website. Vikki moved that JCDP pay the $100.00 annual fee to shift our website over to a server owned by WDP going forward, seconded by Dudley. Motion carried.
Announcements from the Floor:
Upcoming Meetings:
State Central Committee, May 27th and 28th.
Johnson County Dems, June 6th at 6:00 pm.
Greg adjourned the meeting at 6:59 pm.