Teton Library Hosts Property Tax Discussion

From the “Hey, look what they’re doing over there” Department:

What Can Be Done About Real Estate Taxes?
WEDNESDAY NIGHT – 10/11/2023 – 7:00pm
Teton County Library’s Swap Meet presents Liz Storer and Dan Dockstader in a discussion with Q&A on this crucial issue. “Increases in property values continue to drive property taxes sky-high in Teton County, making it challenging for many in the valley to continue to live here. Legislators from NW Wyoming, where residents are being hit the hardest, responded by sponsoring successful legislation to expand the state property tax refund program, give counties the ability to implement their own refund program, and put a constitutional amendment on the ballot in 2024 to create greater flexibility in our property tax system. But there are more steps to consider; helping citizens understand Wyoming’s tax policy framework and the tradeoffs and challenges inherent in that framework can help them be effective advocates for this important issue.”