From Fremont County

The Fremont County Democratic Party recently posted an ad in various local publications. I thought it worth sharing. I’ve altered the clerk info to use Johnson County Clerk info. The photo is below and the text is included here in case you want to just share that. -Greg

Ad placed by Fremont County Dems reminding people about May 15 deadline to change party affiliation and indicating some points about being a Democrat.

Due to a recent change in the law, you no longer can change your party affillation on the day you vote. Don’t miss out on your chance to make your voice heard! The deadline to change party affiliation on an existing voter registration is approaching on May 15th. Make sure your voter information is up to date so you can participate in shaping Wyoming’s future!
Contact the Johnson County Clerk at (307) 684-7272 for more information.

You know you are a Democrat if…

  • You believe a woman’s reproductive health care should be between her and her doctor.
  • You believe the climate is changing.
  • You see Republican Party censorship of moderate Republicans as a threat to our political system.
  • You believe in leaving public lands open to public use.