Johnson County Dems County Convention 2024

10:15 a.m., April 13, 2024 – Twing Meeting Room, Johnson County Library, Buffalo, WY

Call to Order
County Party Chair

Pledge of Allegiance, Opening Remarks, and Recognitions

Report of the Credentials and Ballots Committee

Report of the Nomination Committee Regarding Caucus/Convention Chair (if any)
Or accept nominations for Convention Chair from the floor.

Election of the Convention Chair

Presentation of Convention Rules
Requires a majority vote.

Presidential Preference Caucus
Results of the Caucus and Allocation of Delegates is Announced

Election of Delegates to the State Convention

  1. Convention Votes Whether to Send Full or Half Delegates to the State Convention
  2. Preference Caucus – Gather to Elect Delegates
  3. Delegate Information is provided to the County Party (see forms)

Consideration of the Platform and Resolutions

  1. Platform is Presented by Chair of the Platform and Resolutions Committee
  2. Chair accepts motion to accept Platform as Presented by Platform Committee
  3. Platform is Debated and Amended by Convention
  4. Platform is Adopted by the Convention

Other Business

  1. Strategic Plan
    1. Presented to Convention by County Party Chair
    2. Convention Chair accepts motion to adopt Strategic Plan
    3. Strategic Plan is Adopted or sent back to Executive Committee by the Convention