Agenda July 7, 2020

Johnson County Democratic Party Meeting
July 7, 2020
Bomber Mtn Civic Center – Wyoming Room
also: Tele-Video-Internet-Conference

7:00pm Call to order 7:00 PM
7:05pm Check in, introduce, announce as needed, approve/amend agenda
7:10pm Treasurer, Secretary and Chair Announcements
Money, Minutes, Tech support
7:15 Guest
Nathan Wendt *
7:30 Old Business
State Convention Report(s)
7:40 New Business (incl. Motions from the floor)
GOTV, including but not limited to spending plans and non-dollar methods of outreach to everyone but to youth, in particular.
7:50 Announce upcoming meetings
Next Monthly Meeting: August 4, 2020
7:55 Adjourn

Post-meeting Activity: Post-card writing/addressing

* Wendt for Wyoming
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WendtforWyoming
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wendtforwyoming

Minutes June 2, 2020

Johnson County Democratic Party Monthly Meeting
June 2, 2020 via Zoom video conference

In Attendance: Greg Haas (C), Lois Petersen (S), Jim Shell (T), Mitch Black, Dudley Case, Kathy Day and Dem. Candidate for WY State Senator, Merav Ben David.

Meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm.

Treasurer’s Report: Our current balance is $2,070.37 – unchanged since May meeting.

Minutes of May 5th meeting were approved as written.

Announcements from Chair:

  • Greg will help set up Zoom access for any needing assistance.
  • Greg was invited to be on the platform and bylaws committee. He accepted and will meet with the committee on June 4 at 6pm. Let him know if you have anything in particular you want mentioned to that committee. He will also attend the State Convention on June 6.
  • Anyone who has not yet received the application for absentee balloting from the WY Sec of State should contact Greg or the County Clerk to see if there is something amiss with their voter registration.

Merav Ben-David (BenDavid2020.com) spoke about her background as a professor at U of WY, and the reasons she is running for office. Her work within the group Citizen Climate Lobby has helped her develop a vision and the skills to work with legislators on political issues. Her 3-step focus as a legislator will be as follows:

  • Rescue – help WY citizens deal with job losses, health care costs, ways to survive financially
  • Re-imagine – find ways to use innovative technology to benefit WY – e.g. be ready to service self-driving trucks, develop ways to store energy, etc.
  • Re-build – borrowing from the FDR public works roadmap, get people back to work on things that will benefit us in the future.

She will send (to Greg at JC Dems P.O. Box) 100 campaign postcards and addresses of voters in WY. Our members are asked, if we so wish, to write reasons why we support her candidacy and mail them out. (Great way to help her campaign and also support the US Post Office.) Let Greg know if you are interested in helping out.

Old Business:
Discussed the county convention results which are also reflected in the minutes from that convention.

New Business:
Motion to return to face to face meeting on July 7 – Lois moved, Dudley seconded. Passed

Lois spoke about Vote Forward, an effort to send handwritten notes near election time to encourage blue-leaning folks across the country to vote. Lois, Kay M, Joanne T and Mary V are each doing 50 cards so far. Many more sent would be of great help. For more info or to help, contact Lois 684-9160 or go to votefwd.org for more information.

Next meeting: July 7, 2020 at 7 pm – location to be determined
Jim suggested an agenda item for next meeting: Use of the money we have raised to promote candidates or policies.

Adjourned meeting at 8:07

Mailing From WyoSoS

Registered voters across the state should receive this document from the Secretary of State’s office.

This is informational and also has a form and envelope you can use to request an absentee ballot.

If you have not receive one you might check with the County Clerk’s Office. Phone: 307-684-7272 or email: clerk@johnsoncowy.us

Agenda June 2, 2020

Johnson County Democratic Party Meeting
June 2, 2020

7:00pm Call to order 7:00 PM
7:05pm Check in, introduce, announce as needed
7:10pm Treasurer, Secretary and Chair Announcements
Money, Minutes, Tech support
7:15 Guest
Merav Ben David
7:30 Old Business
Convention (Delegates, Platform)
7:35 New Business (incl. Motions from the floor)
Accept motion to return to Face to Face meetings in July
Accept motion to schedule action meeting (letter/card writing, etc)
7:40 Announce upcoming meetings
Next Monthly Meeting: July 7, 2020
7:41 Adjourn

Post-meeting Discussion: Questions/Tech Support/State Convention Issues

Minutes Convention May 19, 2020

Minutes – JC Dems County Convention – 6pm, Tues., May 19, 2020 via Zoom
In Attendance: Greg Haas (C), Lois Petersen (S), Bill McIntyre (SCM), Mary VanAuken, Jim Shell (T), Mitch Black, Suzi Black, Dudley Case, Mikel Carmon, Bill McIntyre, and Fawna Hunt (WDP tech assistant).

Meeting was called to order at 6:03 pm.

Meeting goals:
Elect delegates to the WY State Delegation
Adopt our county platform
Determine any resolutions to be added from the floor

Greg thanked WDP staff members Sarah Hunt, Fawna Hunt, Erin O’Doherty as well as Ben Rowland for their support in a variety of ways.

Dudley Case (chair of ballot and convention committee) reported there were 8 qualified JC Democrats present and participating in this evening’s convention.

JC is allowed 5 delegates to the state convention – and those could be full or half delegates. Lois made a motion to send 5 whole delegates rather than 10 half delegates. Dudley 2nd. Motion passed unanimously.

Delegates were elected: (number of delegates per candidate determined by votes received.)
4 delegates for Joe Biden – Bill McIntyre, Jim Shell, Dudley Case and Greg Haas. Motion to approve these delegates – Dudley, 2nd by Mary
1 alternate delegate for Joe Biden – Mitch Black – Motion to approve – Dudley, 2nd by Suzi
1 delegate for Bernie Sanders – Mikel Carmon – Motion to approve – Lois, 2nd by Bill

Greg presented the current JC platform and allowed discussion on 3 recommended changes and 2 additions to the existing platform. Mitch made a motion to accept the recommended changes and additions, Dudley 2nd and the motion passed unanimously.

Greg presented an opportunity to propose amendments to the platform, allowing 1 minute to comment on proposed amendments. No amendments were presented or discussed.

Greg presented an opportunity to propose resolutions. None were shared earlier with the committee and none were proposed from the floor.

State convention will be on Sat., June 6 via Zoom- agenda will be sent to county chairs and delegates.

Next meeting of the JC Dems will be on Tues., June 2nd, 7 pm via Jitsi or Zoom

Adjourned at 7:30 pm

Minutes May 5, 2020

Here they are, mostly as submitted. I will make some typo sort of corrections as soon as possible. Busy busy busy. -ed.

JC Dems Minutes – May 5, 2020 via Jitsi video conference
In Attendance: Greg Haas (C), Lois Petersen (S), Jim Shell (T), Mitch Black, Dudley Case, Bill McIntyre

Meeting was called to order at 7:08 pm.

Minutes of April 7, 2020 meeting were approved as written.
Established that some emails from WDP are not being received by several of the JC Dems officers. Greg will forward them to us in the future.
Greg noted Joe Barbuto’s editorial on the success of Mail-in Voting that appeared in the Casper Star Tribune. Good reading!

Greg noted that Merav Ben David is campaigning for US Senate mostly via Facebook

Treasurer’s report: Our ending balance for last month was $1916.69. After an anonymous donation of $153.68 via ActBlue, our current balance is $2070.37.

Our county convention is scheduled for May 19th and will be held via GoToMeeting starting at 6pm, with WDP handling the technological aspects of the meeting. The convention will deal specifically with the election of delegates and adoption of the JC Dems Platform.

Deadline for submitting suggested changes to the JC Dems Platform is May 9th.

ALL registered JC Democrats are urged to pre-register for the JC Dem Convention ASAP – it’s easy and only takes a minute of time. The form is available at this online address:


Jim Shell reported that all unused ballots, envelopes, security sleeves and the ballot box for the mail-in primary were shredded and properly disposed of.

Upcoming meetings:
* Platform Committee will meet online on Sat., May 9. Greg will send specifics soon.
* Johnson County Democratic Convention will be Tues., May 19 starting at 6 pm.
* Next meeting of the JC Dems will be Tues., June 2 – Greg will advise us 1 week prior to the meeting as to whether it will be face-to-face at Bomber Mountain or via the internet.

Adjourned meeting at 7:32pm.

Post Meeting Discussion of County Platform

Discussed suggested changes to the platform submitted by Lois, Jim, and Bill. These and any further suggestions will be discussed at this Saturday’s meeting and the revised platform will be shared at the May 19 convention.

Agenda May 5, 2020

Johnson County Democratic Party Meeting
May 5, 2020

7:00pm Call to order 7:00 PM
7:05pm Check in, introduce, announce as needed
7:10pm Treasurer, Secretary and Chair Announcements
7:15 New Business – Motions from the floor
7:20 Announce upcoming meetings
7:21 Adjourn

Post-meeting Discussion: Questions/Tech Support/Convention Issues

Post-meeting Discussion: Platform Committee work if needed

Results from 2020 Caucus

Here are the results from the RCV Caucus 2020! (Statewide results are available on the WyoDems website.)

graphs of caucus vote results

Results from 2020 Caucus in Johnson County Wyoming

Call to Convene

I, Gregory Haas, Chair of the Johnson County Democratic Party, do hereby invite Johnson County Democrats to convene on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at the online format provided by the Wyoming Democratic Party to commence at 6:00 PM. -signed: Gregory Haas

MAY 19, 2020

Call to Order
County Party Chairman

Pledge of Allegiance, Opening Remarks, and Recognitions
Approval of Agenda

Report of the Credentials and Ballots Committee

Presidential Preference Caucus
Result of the Caucus and Allocation of Delegates is Announced

Election of Delegates to the State Convention
Convention Votes Whether to Send Full or Half Delegates to the State Convention
Preference Caucus Gather to Elect Delegates
Delegate Information is provided to the County Party

Consideration of the Platform and Resolutions
Platform is Presented by Chair of the Platform and Resolutions Committee Platform is Debated and Amended by Convention
Platform is Adopted by the Convention

Other Business


*Speeches, presentations and other business may be interspersed throughout the agenda at the discretion of the County Party Chair.

Minutes April 7, 2020

JC Dems Minutes – April 7, 2020 via FreeConference.com teleconference call
In Attendance: Greg Haas (C), Lois Petersen (S), Jim Shell (T), Bill McIntyre (SCM), Dudley Case, Mary VanAuken, and Will Cox

Meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm.

Minutes of Mar 3, 2020 meeting were approved as written.
Greg noted deadline to vote in the Wyoming Presidential Preference Caucus is April 17th.

Treasurer’s report: Our ending balance for last month was $2343.69. After donations were added and payments made for 3 newspaper ads, our current balance is $1916.69. There is a donation of $160.00 pledged to help cover the newspaper ads.

Announcements from the Floor:
Greg has received very little info lately from WDP, so doesn’t know any specifics on how many voters in this county or statewide participated in the primary to date.

Greg received notification the WDP will host weekly online meetings on Mondays at 7 pm starting April 13th to keep people informed of updates on party messaging. So far, Greg is the only one we know of in Johnson County who received notification of these meetings.

A motion made by Bill McIntyre and seconded by Mary VanAuken to hold our May 5th meeting via the same teleconference set up as this meeting passed unanimously.

Lois announced the organization “Better Angels” changed its name to “Braver Angels” due to copyright issues involving the name. Braver Angels is now holding weekly online debates via ZOOM and Lois is sending out info on topics to those who have expressed interest and provided her with email addresses. Contact Lois for more info on this.

Merav Ben David is still campaigning for Senate here in WY and is asking for donations to her campaign. We may try to set up a video or teleconference with her at a later date.

Jim Shell suggested we add to the May agenda a discussion of use of our JC Dems money to support candidates. Greg suggested we also discuss fundraising at the May meeting.

Next meeting will be May 5, 2020 at 7pm via tele/video conference.

Adjourned meeting at 7:40

p.s. Some Post Meeting Discussion Topics

Possibility of weekly online meetings on specific topics – perhaps a visit with Merav Ben David for example

Possible plank addition for JC Dems platform in support of formation of a Senior Services District.