Minutes April 6, 2021

Johnson County Democratic Party
Business Meeting
April 6, 2021

Meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm by Greg Haas, Chair.

Attendance in person: Greg Haas, Dudley Case, Sharon Case, Lois Petersen, Jim Shell
Attendance online: Trudy Wolf, Bill McIntryre, Vikki Chenette, Mitch Black, Rachel Wear, Mary Van Auken

Greg lead group in Pledge of Allegiance.

Greg asked if Agenda needed to be amended. It did not need to be amended.

Treasurer’s Report – Jim Shell for Suzi Black

As of the March 2 meeting there was $1,669.59 in the bank account. In March $73.00 in donations were received. As of April 6, there is $1,742.59 in the bank account.

Greg Haas mentioned that he has $100 from anonymous cash donors that hasn’t been deposited yet.

Secretary’s Report – Dudley Case

The minutes for the March 20, 2021 Election of Officers and Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen were approved.

Minutes for the March 2, 2021 Business Meeting were approved.

Chair Announcements –

Greg Haas stated that he has become a Notary Public, which might come in handy if we pursue voter registration drives as a public service.

Old Business –

Elections – Greg Haas

At the March 20 meeting the JC Democratic Party elected the following officers:

Chair – Greg Haas
Vice Chair – Mary Van Auken
Secretary – Dudley Case
Treasurer – Suzi Black
State Committeeman – Bill McIntyre
State Committeewoman – Lois Petersen

Also, at this meeting the following people were elected for precinct committeeman and committeewoman for their respective precincts:

Precinct 3-1 – Lois Petersen
Precinct 3-2 – Mitch and Suzi Black
Precinct 3-6 – Greg Haas and Mary Van Auken
Precinct 4-7 – Dudley Case and Vikki Chenette
Precinct 6-10 – Bill McIntyre
Precinct 10-15 – Linda Wilson

Party Luncheons – Bill McIntyre

The March luncheon was held at the Bozeman Trail Steakhouse in Buffalo on March 24 at noon and ten members attended the luncheon. Jim Shell and Bill McIntyre both brought topics to discuss.

The April luncheon will be held at the Par & Grill at the Buffalo Golf Course on Wednesday, April 21 at noon. Bill asked that members bring a topic to discuss.

Jim Shell offered to host a get together during the summer.

Precinct Highlights – Dudley Case

Thirty-six members were called in Precinct 4-8. Six of the phone numbers were incorrect on the list. Dudley talked to eight members and left voice messages for eighteen members. Four members had no answering machines.

One member told Dudley that Cloud Peak Drive needs repair work because the sides of the road are collapsing. Another member said Hemlock Street needs to be paved because of the amount of dust being kicked up by truck traffic.

One member would like to have an environmental activist for a speaker at one of the party meetings.

Several members said they don’t live in Wyoming in the winter so they would be unable to attend winter meetings. Several members volunteered their email addresses.

Greg Haas asked that members volunteer to call precinct members in their precinct.

New Business –

Greg suggested that we go to quarterly business meetings and that the other two meetings each quarter be more informal. Such meetings might be devoted to reviewing books and movies or having a guest speaker at each meeting.

Lois Petersen made a motion to schedule quarterly business meetings and get guest speakers for the other two meetings each quarter, and that the May meeting be a business meeting and that we get guest speakers for the June and July meetings. Dudley Case seconded the motion. After some discussion about when to start having guest speakers because of the COVID pandemic, the motion was passed.

Greg Haas said that the WDP has training for writing letters-to-the-editor. If you are interested contact Greg.

Announcements from the Floor:

Lois Petersen said she had spoken with a member of the Sheridan Democratic Party (Kris) about possibly having a joint rock and roll band concert and/or dance with them on Saturday June 26 at a local hall. The general consensus was that Lois should follow up with the Sheridan party and get some more information about the location, food, costs, etc.

Dudley stated that the signature paperwork for the party’s bank account is ready to be signed by Greg Haas and Suzi Black. Dudley has already signed the paperwork.

Next Business Meeting –

Tuesday, May 4 at 7:00 pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:56 pm.

Minutes March 20, 2021 – Elections

Johnson County Democratic Party
March 20, 2021
County Officer Elections

Called to order at 10:24am.

In attendance: Greg Haas, Lois Petersen, Jim Shell, Bill McIntyre, Mary VanAuken, Mitch Black, Suzie Black, Dudley Case, Tara McClatchey, Mike McClatchey, Linda Wilson, Trudy Wolfe, and Vikki Chenette.

Lois shared facts related to the 2020 election for WY Dems to be proud of.

  • 1st time we have a blue county in WY: Teton County
  • Teton County now has more D’s than R’s as registered voters.
  • 16 Dem women ran for state house or senate
  • 6000+ new registered dems in WY
  • More Dems ran than ever before
  • 31% increase in voters in 2 years
  • 73,445 WY voters voted for Biden
  • 13 Dems were elected to town/county positions
  • 21 dems were elected to school boards
  • Albany County tipped very light blue for the Presidential election.

Guest, Johnson County Clerk Vicki Edelman, addressed the group regarding the voting process here in Johnson County and thanked all of the county workers and poll judges who made election integrity their number one priority. She noted that the Johnson County Republicans adopted a resolution regarding election integrity that apparently suggested a hint of fraud within this state and country. Several attendees spoke up, having been poll workers and judges, to compliment Vicki and the process in place here in Johnson County that assures a fair election in this community.

Election of Officers
Nominations, seconds and votes were taken to elect the Johnson County Democratic Party Officers. All were elected for two-year terms. The results are as follows:

Chair: Greg Haas
Vice Chair: Mary Van Auken
Secretary: Dudley Case
Treasurer: Suzi Black
State Committeeman: Bill McIntyre
State Committeewoman: Lois Petersen

Further Announcements:
Bill McIntyre announced and invited everyone to an informal Luncheon Forum at noon on Wed., March 24, at the Bozeman Trail Steakhouse – a social event for JC Dems to come together, meet each other, and talk about issues they may have in common. Each person will buy their own lunch off the full menu. Please come and, to help know how many to plan for, please contact Bill McIntyre at 307-267-0775 to reserve a seat.

The next regular meeting of the JC Dems will be on Tues., April 6th at 7 pm. All are encouraged to attend.

Meeting adjourned at 11:33

Minutes March 20, 2021 – Precincts

Johnson County Democrats
Precinct Committee People
March 20, 2021

Meeting called to order at 10:05.

In attendance: Greg Haas, Lois Petersen, Jim Shell, Bill McIntyre, Mary Van Auken, Mitch Black, Suzi Black, Dudley Case, Tara McClatchey, Mike McClatchey, Linda Wilson, Trudy Wolfe, and Vikki Chenette.

Greg discussed contacting two individuals who were write-in candidates for Precinct 03-07 committee persons positions at the last primary election. We will try to reach them at their mailing address to determine if they are indeed interested that role.

Motion by Vikki and seconded by Mitch was made to approve a slate of Precinct Commitee Men and Women who will then vote for County Party Officers. Motion passed with 90% yes, 10% abstention. Greg will report results to County Clerk.

Meeting adjourned at 10:24am.

Minutes March 2, 2021

JC Dems Minutes – March 2, 2021 – Bomber Mt.

In Attendance: Greg Haas (C), Lois Petersen (S), Jim Shell, (T), and Dudley Case, Sharon Case, Mitch Black, Bill McIntyre and Massimo Haas.

Meeting was called to order at 7pm.

Minutes of the Feb. 2nd meeting were approved as amended.

Treasurer’s Report:
Treasure reported our current account balances after paying the annual post office box fee and receiving donations.

Old Business:
* Greg has contacted the WDP and Greybull campaign asking for an account of our $500 donation to the Greybull campaign; no response on that issue yet.

* Greg reported that some county parties raise money and award scholarships to graduating HS seniors. He would like the JC Dems to adopt this practice in coming years, awarding on the basis of essays that reflect principles of the Democratic Party.

* Mitch reported on his efforts to contact Dems in precinct 03-02. Comments from those he was able to reach via phone included an interest in social events for Dems. Also, one person suggested a message to Liz Cheney thanking her for standing up for democracy as related to the 2020 election.

* Our County Reorganization Meeting is set for March 20 at 10am, and will be conducted via Zoom as per motion by Lois/Dudley – carries. Please be sure to register at https://jcdemswyo.org/zoom. Election by County Central Committee of officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, State Committeeman, State Committeewoman) will take place at this meeting. Notice of the meeting will be made to the County Clerk (Greg), Buffalo Bulletin (Mitch), and via email and post cards to each registered JC Democrat. Motion to purchase post cards made by Mitch/Jim – carries.

Announcements from the floor:
* Lois reported on the Sheridan County Dems Action Group meeting she attended via Zoom. Good discussion format.

* HJ0005 (Protecting Wyoming Citizens’ Voices) – a bill proposing an amendment to the US Constitution to allow states to regulate all monies raised and spent for political purposes – is now before our state legislators. Please contact State Rep. Barry Crago (307)267-9789 asking his support for this bill.

* Medicaid Expansion – there is now extra incentive for states to expand Medicaid protection for their citizens. Please read the following article and then contact your state legislators in support of this way to actually MAKE money for the state while providing necessary health insurance coverage to all WY citizens. https://trib.com/opinion/columns/martin-if-congress-offers-wyoming-funding-today-will-we-take-it/article_14d7abf0-a665-5450-8fb0-ab267b98d88d.html

* JC Dems Forum Luncheon – Please come! Bill McIntyre invites all JC Dems to lunch at noon on Wed., March 24 at the Bozeman Steak House. This event provides a forum for Dems to meet and chat with other Dems. (Meal purchases, paid by each attendee, help support our local restaurants.)

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Next meetings:
County Party Elections (Reorganization mtg) Sat., March 20, 2021 at 10am via Zoom
Tues., April 6, 2021, 7 pm – at Bomber Mountain and via ZOOM.

Minutes Feb 2, 2021

JC Dems Minutes – Feb. 2, 2021 – Bomber Mtn. Civic Center

In Attendance:
Greg Haas (C), Lois Petersen (S), Jim Shell, (T), and Dudley Case, Sharon Case, and Bill McIntyre with Mitch Black joining the meeting via Zoom.
Meeting was called to order at 7pm.
Since online meetings may continue for a while, motion was made by Lois to upgrade our Zoom account to a paid version (on a month to month basis) to allow longer meeting time. Seconded by Dudley. Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report:
* Jim reported our current balance.
* Motion to pay yearly fee for post office box was made by Jim, seconded by Lois, and passed.
* Jim reported Mark Bentley (307 Radio) had never heard back from the Greybull campaign about providing local ads, so did no ads and received no money. Greg will write to Nina Hebert at WDP to find out how the $500 sent to Greybull by JC Dems for local ads was spent.
* Minutes of the Jan. 5 meeting were approved as written.

Announcements from the Chair:
* Greg shared info on various free training opportunities available through the National Democratic Training Committee, Equality State Policy Center, and WY Dem. Party. Dudley recommended we participate in the Member Recruitment and Retention of Local Democratic Parties trainings.

Old Business:
* Dudley reported on his contacts with Dems in precinct 04-07. He suggested we need to get email addresses for many more of our party members to improve communication. Those he contacted by phone were helpful in providing topics they would like to see explored by the County Central Committee and guest speakers, and were open to precinct-level social gatherings. Dudley will also contact members in precinct 04-08 and Mitch will contact Dems in precinct 03-02. Mitch will report on his contacts at our March meeting, Dudley will report at our April meeting.

*Continued the ongoing discussion of precinct level involvement. Greg reiterated the structure of the party: Precinct Committee People make up the County Central Committee, who, collectively, elect the officers of the County Party. Without precinct committee people, we’re really just skipping the roots, the purpose of the party, really. [added to minutes when publishing. -Greg]

New Business:
Our County Reorganization Meeting is set for March 20 at 10am and will be conducted via Zoom. Election of County Officers, who also comprise the delegation to State Central Committee, will take place at this meeting. Major planning for this event will take place at our March meeting.

*Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm.

Next meeting:
* Tues., Mar. 2, 7 pm – at Bomber Mountain and via ZOOM.

Minutes January 5, 2021

JC Dems Minutes
Jan. 5, 2021
Bomber Mt. Civic Center Rm 108

In Attendance:
Greg Haas (C), Lois Petersen (S), Jim Shell, (T), and Dudley Case.

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.

Treasurer’s Report Our current balance is $1593.59

Minutes of the Nov. 4th meeting were approved as amended.

Announcements from the Chair:

* No one from JC was able to attend WDP’s Dec. State Meeting. A resolution which would secure more voter protections was to be discussed at that meeting, but we don’t know if it passed.
* The WDP has invited all the county Chairs to a round table zoom meeting on Jan 26. If there’s anything you’d like brought to that table please let Greg know.
* The WDP makes a podcast and they recently interviewed Greg for an episode on the topic of what JC Dems had done locally in support of statewide candidates. Greg will share the URL for that podcast when it is available. The already complete episodes of the WDP podcasts can be found here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1352485.

Business old and new:
Discussed at length the ongoing efforts of the JC Democrats to stimulate more input and involvement at the precinct level. We all agreed that we need more involvement from local Democrats as well as safe opportunities for county Dems to talk with one another about political and local issues. Greg proposed several ways to elicit a list of concerns specific to each JC precinct and ideas on how to address those concerns at our monthly meetings. Ideas discussed: social meetings rather than business meetings every other month, more ‘Get To Know Your Fellow Dems’ potlucks like the one held last Jan., backyard socials (weather permitting) possibly organized by precinct chairs with support from the County Committee, short business meetings followed by monthly guest speakers, calls from the County Committee to a rotating selection of precincts about hyper-local concerns which would highlighted at the following monthly meeting in a targeted precinct report.

Greg and Dudley will develop a proposed short list of questions (2-4 only) to be asked by the County Committee – this list will be brought to the Feb. meeting.

With group meetings a continuing concern due to COVID-19, our Feb. 2nd meeting will be conducted online via zoom. Greg will chair the meeting from Room 108 at Bomber Mountain Civic Center, and anyone who would like help using zoom can join him there. The meeting link will be sent out in the call to meeting notices in hopes that more will participate when offered an online connection via the familiar zoom format.

Jim Shell recommended the book ‘On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century‘ by Timothy Snyder.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm.

Next meeting: Tues., Feb. 2, 2021 at 7 pm – tranceiving from Bomber Mountain via zoom. Happy New Year to ALL!

Minutes November 4, 2020

JC Dems Minutes
November 4, 2020
Bomber Mt. Civic Center – Room 102

In Attendance:
Chairman, Secretary, SCM, 1 precinct committeeman and 1 guest.

Call to Order:
Meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.

Announcements and Reports:

  • In the Treasurer’s Absence, Chairman reported current balance and summarized the past month’s transactions.
  • Minutes of the Oct 6, 2020 meeting were approved as written.
  • Chair and Treasurer will submit report, of our contributions and expenditures from Jan. 2019 to Dec. 2020, to the WY Secretary of State by the Nov. 13 deadline.
  • Chair will follow up with the Merav Ben David and Lynette Greybull campaigns, confirming with them the exact amount of our ad contributions to them for the purpose of their reporting.
  • Chair shared information about the Slack Coordinated Campaign application used by at least one other JC Dem and many others to contact voters and share candidate information. Works well.

Old Business:

  • Floor opened to discussion about “Election Day”, etc.
  • Secretary provided an update on WY Promise – progress has been slowed as we all await election results

New Business:

  • Motion was made to hold the next JC Dems meeting on Dec. 1st, there was no second.

Announcements from the floor:

  • No announcements nor motions from the floor.
  • Next month meeting Tues., Jan. 5, 7 pm – Bomber Mountain CC, Room 108.
  • Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy holiday season to all.

Adjournment: at 8:12.

Respectfully submitted by Lois Petersen, Secretary (edited and uploaded by Greg Haas, Chairman)

Minutes October 6, 2020

JC Dems Minutes
October 6, 2020
Bomber Mt. Civic Center – Wyoming Room

In Attendance:
Chairman, Treasurer, SCM, 2 precinct committeemen and committeewomen, 2 others.

Call to Order:
Meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm. Mary Jo agreed to take notes for minutes. Folks introduced themselves. Allegiance to the flag, republic and justice for all was pledged. Chair asked for any motions to alter the agenda. Added followup discussion re: offer to campaigns of ad funding in Johnson County.

Announcements and Reports:
Treasurer’s Reported current balance and summarized the past month’s transactions. Greg submitted receipts for reimbursement for domain name registration.
Minutes of the Sept 1, 2020 meeting were approved as written.

Old Business:

  • Greg has contacted both Ben-David and Grey Bull campaigns regarding offer from last meeting. He updated those present on what he’d learned and the lack of meaningful response and his thoughts about why that may be the case. Some discussion about alternatives took place. Greg will follow up.
  • Greg reported on post card sending sessions and letter to the editor class the WDP offered.
  • Greg reported on yard signs coming from campaigns over the next several days. He will be communicating via email listserv as that situation develops.
  • Greg noted that Grey Bull is offering hand-made campaign masks to the first 100 people who donate $25 or more. Visit https://secure.actblue.com/donate/gbmasks.

New Business:

  • Discussion about David Romtvedt as write-in candidate for JCSD1 school board. Nobody in the room had first hand confirmation of his acceptance or current interest in being a write-in candidate. Discussion about use of postcard writing effort to support his candidacy. Further discussion suggestions about list of addresses and purpose of future postcard round. Another brief meeting will be planned for Wednesday October 14, 2020 to distribute addresses and decide postcard language. Room 108 at 5:00pm.
  • Discussion about flags and yard signs. Discussion about Jim’s letter to the editor and the events described therein.

Announcements from the floor:

  • No announcements nor motions from the floor.
  • Postcard meeting Oct. 14 at 5pm in room 108 of Bomber Mtn Civic Center.
  • Next month meeting Nov. 4, 2020 at 7pm in room 108 of BMC.

Adjournment: at 8:25.

Respectfully submitted by Greg Haas, Chairman

Minutes September 1, 2020

JC Dems Minutes
Sept. 1, 2020
Bomber Mt. Wyoming Room

In Attendance:
Greg Haas (C), Lois Petersen (S), Jim Shell (T), Dudley Case, Sharon Case, Bill McIntyre (SCM), Mitch Black and Mary Jo Newton.
Meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm and Mary Jo was welcomed as a newcomer to our meetings.

Announcements and Reports:
Treasurer’s Report: Our current balance is $2363.58.
Minutes of the Aug. 4th meeting were approved as written.
Greg outlined some of the benefits of using Vote Builder software to gain useful local voter information.

Old Business:

  • A motion was made and seconded by Dudley and Jim and passed unanimously: JC Democrats will contact Merav Ben David and Lynette Gray Bull, offering each candidate up to $600 match money to be used toward campaign ads through local media sources. Greg will provide each with a list of local media sources and we will reimburse them based on evidence of their qualifying expenditures.
  • Greg will check with state WDP and the candidates to see if there are tools they can provide us for promoting their campaigns (e.g. postcards we can mail out to JC voters listed as Independent or Unaffiliated in an effort to inform them of Dem candidates). Anyone willing to help with this postcard mail out is asked to PLEASE let Greg know asap so he can get cards and wording to you. The cost for stamps can be paid for by JC Dems.
  • Greg explained his first draft of the resolution he offered, in July, to create. Please check the resolution out at the link he provided in a recent email and give feedback to Greg or go ahead and improve the document.
  • Greg shared info about the https://iwillvote.com/ website which provides info on voting, specific to residents of each zip code in the US. This is a helpful site to see if you are registered, get info on registering, learning about vote-by-mail or get specifics on voting in person. Jim Shell also suggested making sure the Buffalo Bulletin and Mini publish voting tips provided by the County Clerk.

New Business:
Greg will contact Merav Ben-David to see if she has thoughts she might like to share with the Buffalo Bulletin regarding the front page article in the 8/27/20 Buffalo Bulletin on the Natural Resources Management Plan. Her perspective as a scientist and candidate would be good.

Motion by Bill /Dudley to authorize $15.99 to re-register our JC Dems domain name passed unanimously.

Announcements from the floor:
Lois shared some updates about the Braver Angels activities and meetings.
Bill reported that one of the two mail sorting machines in the Casper USPS sorting facility has been removed.
Next meeting: Tues., Oct. 6, 2020 at 7:00 pm – Bomber Mountain Civic Center-Wyoming Room.

Adjournment: at 8:45.

Minutes August 4, 2020

JC Dems Minutes – August 4, 2020 – Bomber Mt. Wyoming Room

In Attendance: Greg Haas (C), Lois Petersen (S), Jim Shell (T), Dudley Case, Sharon Case, Bill McIntyre, and Mitch Black.

Meeting was called to order at 7:08 pm.

Treasurer’s Report: Our current balance is $2302.58.

Minutes of July 7th meeting were approved with one correction.

Dawn Barela is a new hire with the WDP and she is keeping WY Dems posted on the upcoming convention.

Old Business: Get out the vote
A letter to the 3 local organizers of the Black Lives Matter march was sent by Greg. No response yet from them about how best to contact and encourage young people to vote in the upcoming election.
100 GOTV post cards provided by Merav Ben-David were sent to WY Dems by members of the JC Dems. After discussing other ways to encourage Dems to vote, Lois agreed to ask Rob Hicks to consider putting an article in the Buffalo Bulletin about current voting regulations and tips on how to make voting easier for all. Jim will talk to Vanessa Vogel about doing something similar in the Mini.

New Business:

We discussed an interest in having names to write in on the Democratic ballots in positions where there is no one registered to run. Mitch checked with Anita Frances Edington and she is willing to be written in as the District 22 representative, opposing Dave Kinsky. Manna Dudley Case has agreed to be a write-in candidate for the District 40 Rep position, opposite Richard Tass and Barry Crago. So, please consider writing these names in, and be sure to spell their full name correctly on the write-in line.

Greg will try to get voter history and voter registration data from WDP as well as precinct information.

Adjournment: at 8:21.

Next meeting: Tues., Sept 1st, 7 pm – location to be announced later.