Agenda July 7, 2020

Johnson County Democratic Party Meeting
July 7, 2020
Bomber Mtn Civic Center – Wyoming Room
also: Tele-Video-Internet-Conference

7:00pm Call to order 7:00 PM
7:05pm Check in, introduce, announce as needed, approve/amend agenda
7:10pm Treasurer, Secretary and Chair Announcements
Money, Minutes, Tech support
7:15 Guest
Nathan Wendt *
7:30 Old Business
State Convention Report(s)
7:40 New Business (incl. Motions from the floor)
GOTV, including but not limited to spending plans and non-dollar methods of outreach to everyone but to youth, in particular.
7:50 Announce upcoming meetings
Next Monthly Meeting: August 4, 2020
7:55 Adjourn

Post-meeting Activity: Post-card writing/addressing

* Wendt for Wyoming