Red, Wine and Blue

I also received this tip in an email from the same Political Activist I mentioned elsewhere:

Have you heard of the national organization Red Wine and Blue? I wasn’t sure about them a couple of years ago because their website looked so ‘funky’, but I stand corrected. They do great work. They created a ‘sisterhood’ that is rapidly spreading across the country, giving women of all walks of life all the tools they need to successfully organize in their respective communities. They stand for equity and honesty in education, for reproductive rights. They fight against voting restrictions, against library closing and book banning. 

“We exist to lift each other up,” they write in their value statement. 

You might want to share their website with women in your county who’d like to play a role, who are tired of being pessimistic and afraid, who simply want to do their part.

They are already well established in MI, NC, OH, PA and VA, but are calling to women across the country to organize their community and are sharing a lot of helpful tools/resources to ensure their effectiveness. Here is their link:

Democratic Political Activist