William D. McIntyre Memorial Scholarship

The Johnson County Democratic Party created this scholarship for high school graduates in Johnson County. The William D. McIntyre Memorial Scholarship will award at least one graduate up to $500 dollars this spring. The scholarship memorializes Bill McIntyre by awarding applicants who can demonstrate desire to live with the principals and values that Bill epitomized and that are also key elements of the Johnson County Democratic Committee’s platform.

Bill very much enjoyed traveling with his family, backpacking with his sons, fishing and reading. He was a volunteer and board member for the Hoofprints of the Past Museum and the Johnson County Library. Bill was a volunteer KATS Bus Driver in Kaycee.

Bill loved his family and enjoyed doing things for others. He was a long-time Chairman of the Johnson County Democratic Party and active member and donor to the State and County Democratic Parties. Bill and his enthusiasm for supporting what he was interested in is greatly missed.

The Johnson County Democratic Committee recognizes that government in the United States of America is the collective will of the people in a democratic society, working together to secure and improve the lives of all citizens. Many who knew Bill say that he believed education can and should help students examine information critically and make informed decisions.

The Johnson County Democratic Committee’s platform, which Bill helped craft, says that we “believe in an education offering each student both breadth and depth such as will help develop thoughtful engaged citizens.” Another plank claims “we support programs that enhance the viability of locally-owned small businesses, markets, family-owned farms and ranches”. With this scholarship, we continue to answer a call to support efforts to identify and nurture opportunities for economic diversification. We believe that helping a student in need to further their education will make our community stronger.

It is with these values in mind and in Bill’s spirit of service to others that the Johnson County Democrats take great pleasure in making this scholarship available to students in Johnson County.

How to Apply? There are a few ways from which you can choose:

How to donate? We have a fews ways you can do that, too.

  • Download a printable Donation for School Year ending in 2023 and get it to us with a check.
  • Use a credit/debit card with this button:
  • Write out a check payable to William D. McIntyre Mem. Scholarship and mail it to:
    William D. McIntyre Memorial Scholarship
    c/o Johnson County Democratic Party
    P.O. Box 565
    Buffalo, WY 82834