Minutes June 4, 2019

JC Dems Minutes – June 4, 2019

In Attendance: Greg Haas (C), Carol Cox (VC), Lois Petersen (Sec), Scott Killian, Kay McCormick, Bob Day, Kathie Day (SCW), Bill McIntyre (SCM), John O’Laughlin, Will Cox

Meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm in the JC Library Conference Room

Agenda for this meeting and minutes of our May 7 meeting were approved as written.
Treasurer’s Report: Greg read Jim Shell’s report, noting the current balance is $1706.80


  • Sarah Hunt offered help from State Dems (WDP) this summer. Greg will contact her about setting up training in Clearmont to include Dems from Sheridan, Buffalo, and Gillette – and also ask for help with the parade on 8/3.
  • Nina Hebert asked County Chairs to answer “why I’m a Democrat” and send her a fun photo.
  • Joe Barbuto has asked for post cards to be sent to Rodney Knudson who suffered burns from a recent propane accident. Cards can be sent to Rodney Knudson, Room 605, Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital, 4401 Union St., Johnstown, CO 80534
  • ActBlue is now set up to facilitate donations to Johnson County Democratic Party and Greg will get that on the jcdemswyo.org website to replace ActionNetwork donation form.

Old Business:

Discussed the need for (and role of) Precinct Committee Members. Greg wants help in identifying people to serve in this role within each precinct. Each member must be a registered Democrat, and the job is to help with voter drives, canvassing, visits to other Dems in their precincts, and fundraising efforts. Greg will divide the voter rolls into precincts and bring that info back to this group.

“Prominent Women of Johnson County” is the theme for our Aug. 3 Parade. Bill McIntyre offered use of his truck and trailer again this year. Carol Cox, Scott Killian, and Bill McIntyre volunteered to be on the parade committee and will coordinate their efforts with Mike Knebel, Chamber Director. Kathy will check with Vanessa V for any parade banners, etc. Greg will get count of t-shirts and see about ordering more t-shirts in needed sizes.

County Elections Resolution – Will made a motion to hear the Election Resolution on first reading; Bill seconded. Greg read the resolution, some changes in wording were made, and the 1st reading was unanimously approved as amended to read:

  • WHEREAS hundreds, if not thousands of voters, without switching party affiliation, are unable to vote in Municipal and County partisan primary elections for their candidate of choice and
  • WHEREAS partisan primaries and “party switching” creates significant increases in record keeping for election officials and
  • WHEREAS “party switching” results in increases of costs and difficulties faced by state parties when attempting to accurately reach out to their members and,
  • WHEREAS “party switching” leads to inaccurate counts of party membership, especially in smaller jurisdictions and
  • WHEREAS voters who change parties in order to vote in a local primary election are inadvertently locked into affecting a state-level primary race and,
  • WHEREAS many municipal elections in Wyoming are already non-partisan
  • THEREFORE we hereby RESOLVE that the Wyoming elections statutes be amended to state that “all municipal and county elections in Wyoming” shall be non-partisan.

New Business:

WDP wants an increase in recurring donations to the party. While some of our group donates online, some of our members prefer to donate at meetings when the hat is passed. In two weeks Greg expects it will be possible to donate to both state and local parties directly from the JC Dems web page.

Greg read aloud a resolution he is considering submitting to WDP regarding gun safety. A lively discussion followed and the resolution will be brought back for further consideration at the July meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50.

Minutes May 7, 2019

JC Dems Minutes – April 9, 2019

In Attendance: Carol Cox (VP), Jim Shell (Trea), Lois Petersen (Sec), Kay McCormick, Bob Day, Kathie Day, Bill McIntyre, Joanna Taylor, John O’Laughlin, Will Cox —- Greg Haas, excused absence

Meeting was called to order at 7pm by Carol Cox. Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Agenda for this meeting and minutes of our April 9 meeting were approved as written.
State Central Committee Meeting:

  • Bill reported Former Gov., Mike Sullivan, was a great keynote speaker.
  • Election of Officers and other positions in the state party was the top priority. List of newly elected officers and chairs is attached to these minutes*.
  • The summer meeting of the WDP will be held in Lander. The pig-roast banquet will be in South Pass City in deference to Ester Hobart Morris, the 1st woman Justice of the Peace, who was from SP City.
  • Bill noted a call for proposals from counties that would like to host the 2020 WDP State Convention- 6/6/20. After reading the criteria, there was concern Buffalo doesn’t meet the requirements for convention space, local volunteers, and accommodations, but this will be brought up again next meeting.
  • Bill also shared a notice advertising a raffle to win a weekend in Johnson County including a tour of the Hole in the Wall area of Kaycee – open to all who donate $10 month to the WDP.

Treasurer’s Report: After receiving some donations since our last meeting, we currently have $1606.80 in our account. Jim will not be able to attend our June meeting but his report will be given to Greg in advance.

Old Business:
Bob shared a draft of a resolution to make all municipal and county elections non-partisan. He asked for any additions or corrections to be sent to Greg Haas for word-smithing. Some ideas included – this would mean fewer changes of party affiliations, it would align city with county elected positions, making all local offices non-partisan. It was suggested the resolution statement be placed after all the Whereas statements.

Another resolution related to sensible gun control is being worked on by Greg. Both draft resolutions will be brought back for discussion during our June meeting. Both resolutions should be ready to submit to the WDP by Aug. 18th.

Update on WY Promise:
Lois and Greg attended the 2-day Organizational WY Promise Retreat in Casper where Ben Gubitz of American Promise praised the hard work of so many here in WY and congratulated us for coming so very close to having our resolution approved by the legislature. Much planning went into ways to move forward, with the following decisions being made:

  • Focus will be on a legislative push rather than another petition drive in the next two years
  • Article V will not be part of the resolution wording
  • A bi-partisan steering committee with working committees under them will be formed.
  • Postcards will be sent to thank all legislators who supported the WY Promise resolution.
  • The League of Women Voters will be asked to adopt a resolution of support for WY Promise, and similar resolutions of support from local governments, agencies and organizations will be sought.

Lois was unsuccessful in showing a short video – How Corporations Infiltrated the Supreme Court – but was asked to try again next month.


  • Bill proposed we think about participating again in the Rodeo Week Parade – Aug. 3. Further discussion will take place at our June meeting. Carol will call the Chamber to find out this year’s parade theme.
  • Lois shared info about an Advocacy Teams meeting to take place May 15 in Sheridan at the library.
  • Lois also shared a WYO File article about Campbell County’s Republican Party’s efforts to purify their party.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10.
— submitted by Lois Petersen

*Elected officials at WDP:

  • Joe M Barbuto, Chair of the Wyoming Democratic Party (WDP)
  • Erin O’Doherty, Vice-Chair of the WDP
  • Mandy Weaver, Secretary of the WDP
  • Kendra Cross, Treasurer of the WDP
  • Jessica Sell Chamber, WDP National Committeewoman
  • Lucas Fralick, WDP National Committeeman

Minutes April 9, 2019

Johnson County Democratic Party County Meeting Minutes
● April 9, 2019 ●

Call to Order
Attending: Carol and Will Cox, Kathie and Bob Day, Greg Haas (Chair), Lois Petersen (Sec.), Bill McIntyre, Anna Jenkins Meeting called to order at 7:02, pledge was recited, and introductions were made.

Minutes of the March 23 JC Convention were projected and handed out in paper copy to those not having received them via email. Bill moved to accept the minutes with one small correction, Bob seconded and the minutes were approved.
Treasurer’s Report: Greg read the report in Jim Shell’s absence. After receiving $201 in donations, and reimbursing $95.57 for stamps and labels and $122.50 for post cards, the current balance is $1529.80.
Chair’s Report: Greg read the letter received from Dean Ferguson regarding news from WY State Democratic Party and also shared a sample county resolution drafted by Albany County that will be sent to the State Democrats- its purpose to get the state party to encourage Democrat legislators to draft legislation on the issue.

Old Business
Greg stated a need to meet with county officers to clarify job descriptions and set up access to online resources. Lois moved to meet after tonight’s meeting. Carol seconded. Motion was approved. Discussed regular meeting dates and times: Kathie moved to keep our regular meetings at 7 pm at Bomber Mountain, Room 108 on the second Tues of each month. Will seconded. Motion was approved. In response to a question about Wyoming Promise, Lois shared there will be a retreat April 19-20 at the Ramkota Motel in Casper to develop a strategy for going forward on the effort to limit big/dark money affecting elections. Greg and Lois are planning to attend and will provide a report at the May meeting.

New Business
Greg is working on a county resolution related to sensible gun control. He will share more on this later. Will and Bob are interested in researching how to make elected county-level positions non-partisan and may consider also drafting a county resolution on this issue.

The State Central Committee Meeting will be held on Sat., April 27 at the UW Extension Office, 2011 Fairground Road in Casper. Greg will be attending. There will be free campaign training offered through a 6-week webinar course 16 April – 23 May. Greg has more information to share with anyone interested in participating. Lois mentioned a short online video of Jennifer Lawrence talking about the need to address campaign funding issues and overturn Citizens United. She offered to show it at our next meeting. Next meeting will be on May 7 at 7pm at Bomber Mountain, Room 108.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10.
Submitted by Lois Petersen

Minutes March 23, 2019

Johnson County Democratic Party
County Convention Minutes
March 23, 2019

Call to order
Chairman McIntyre called the meeting to order at 10:10 AM. Allegiance to flag was pledged. 17 present including Chairman McIntyre, Treasurer Shell and Secretary Haas.

Reports and Announcements
Minutes from March 5th meeting were reviewed. John Tinnen moved to accept as written, Mitch Black seconded and motion carried unopposed.
Treasurer reported checking balance of $1547.87 which does not include cost of promoting this convention.
Secretary reported 17 registered as voters for this convention.

Election of County Committee Officers
Prior to any nominations, two additional registered democrats arrived and signed in.
Bill McIntyre nominated Greg Haas for Chairman. Kathie Day seconded. Haas accepted nomination. Mitch Black nominated Jim Shell for Chairman, Jim declined prior to a second. Election of Haas as Chair passed by voice vote.
Kathie Day nominated Lois Petersen for Vice Chair seat. Lois declined prior to a second. Mitch Black nominated Carol Cox for the Vice Chair seat. Lois Petersen seconded. Carol accepted the nomination and election passed by voice vote.
Will Cox nominated Jim Shell for Treasurer, Mitch Black seconded. Jim accepted nomination and election passed by voice vote.
There was another person nominated for Treasurer, I think, but it was declined. Was it Bob Day?
Kathie Day nominated Lois Petersen for Secretary seat. Mitch Black seconded. Lois accepted nomination and election passed by voice vote.
Mitch Black nominated Bill McIntyre for State Committeeman seat. Jim Shell seconded. Bill accepted the nomination and election passed by voice vote.
Will Cox nominated Kathie Day for State Committeewoman seat. John Tinnen seconded. Kathie accepted nomination and election passed by voice vote.
Results are as follows:

Chair:			Greg Haas
Vice Chair:			Carol Cox
Treasurer:			Jim Shell
Secretary:			Lois Petersen
State Committeeman:		Bill McIntyre
State Committeewoman:		Kathie Day

Old Business
There are 16 precincts in Johnson County and, since each precinct is eligible to have 2 elected committee members – one male and one female -there are 32 eligible positions in JC. Note that the Chair can also appoint people to fill these positions after the election if the position wasn’t filled through the vote. At present there are only five of these positions filled, but there were several who voiced some interest in knowing more about the requirements of these positions for the future.

New Business
A representative from WDP was expected to be at this meeting to provide an update on Wyoming Democratic Party goals and news, as well as answer questions. However, this was not to be.
Greg noted that the State Party has recently been providing more assistance to JC than was evident previously, and that this help is much appreciated. He says the state’s Facebook page is a good place to get information. Also, he recommended Nate Martin’s website (betterwyo.org) for good coverage of statewide political issues.
No report on the Nellie Tayloe Ross weekend as no one present at this meeting attended this year.
Greg’s Goals as Chair:
He has draft resolutions he may want to propose at an upcoming meeting, designed to help get issues of importance to our county (and to Democrats statewide) in front of legislators.
He noted a goal to raise $4000 before the next election – money to be used to support candidates in both state and local elections.
He reminded us that there is no one way to meet our goals, and that we should strive to support each other and a variety of efforts to move us together toward our common goals.

There being none opposed, meeting was adjourned at 11:55 AM.

Next meeting:
April 9th at 7 pm in room 108, Bomber Mountain.
Please note: meetings are regularly scheduled for the first Tues of each month.

Submitted by Lois Petersen

Minutes March 5, 2019

Johnson County Democratic Party Committee Meeting Minutes

● March 5, 2019 ●

Call to order

The chair being absent, the meeting was called to order at 7:04pm by the secretary. Pledge was promised. Treasurer Shell, Secretary Haas were among the five present.

Reports and Announcements

Treasurer: $48.00 were collected since the last report. Current checking account balance is $1513.87. No new expenditures.

Secretary: read the minutes from the January 08, 2019 meeting. No changes or additions were suggested or requested and were accepted as submitted. There was no meeting on Feb 5th and, therefore, no associated minutes to review. Secretary reported briefly on the informal conversation that took place at that time.

Chairman: Chairman McIntyre not present.

Old Business

Review of Date/Time/Objective of March 23rd, 2019 meeting to elect county party officers and state committeeman and state committeewoman. Meeting will be at 10am at the Johnson County Library in Buffalo. Group agreed to discuss and plan further following adjournment.

New Business

The group reviewed and discussed brief history of county-level activity over the past four years or so for new participant. The group discussed some possible hurdles and activities that might take place in the coming months.


There being no further business and no objection to adjourning, the secretary adjourned the meeting at 7:24pm.

Submitted by Greg Haas, Secretary

Minutes February 5, 2019

Johnson County Democratic Party Committee Meeting Minutes

● February 05, 2019 ●

No quorum. Meeting not held.

Submitted by Greg Haas, Secretary

Minutes January 8, 2019

Johnson County Democratic Party Committee Meeting Minutes

● January 8, 2019 ●

Call to order

Meeting called to order at 6pm. Pledge was recited. Sign in sheet was circulated. Chairman McIntyre, Treasurer Shell, Secretary Haas and State Committeewoman Vogel were among those present.

Reports and Announcements

Secretary shared the minutes from December 04, 2018. No changes suggested and they’ll be filed. Secretary reported JC-FFF has agreed to make a presentation during February meeting. Secretary reported on receiving feedback per the two motions from 12/04/2018 meeting and intends to have that feedback prepared and sent to the WDP before the end of the coming weekend.

Treasurer’s report: $1377.87, $88.00, Final check to WDP for $598.50 has been processed.$1465.87 current balance. $2534.13 to raise coffers to $4000.00.

Chairman: 13Feb through 05March Chair will be gone.

Old Business

See Secretary’s report above.

New Business

Chairman explained election rules for electing county party officers. Only precinct committee men and women can vote for the four officers and the two committeemen and committeewomen. Greg moved that the election take place March 23rd, 2019 at 10am, in the Johnson County Library. Kay seconded. Motion passed.

Wyoming Promise is shifting efforts from ballot initiative to legislative activity. Legislation has been introduced in U.S. Congress to promote the 28th amendment (overturning Citizens United supreme court decision and getting “dark money” out of elections). Stay tuned and contact legislators at state and federal level with your opinions.

Wyoming legislative session began today. The https://www.wyoleg.gov/ website has lots of information and schedules to help citizens contact legislators and be involved.

Joanie shared information about Nate Martin’s efforts to facilitate communication with state legislators about particular issues, for instance through a new series of stories he’s calling State of Insecurity. His reporting is a good resource for those interested in progressive and can be found at https://betterwyo.org/.


There being no further business the chairman adjourned the meeting at 7:10pm.

Submitted by Greg Haas, Secretary